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Corporate Games, Training and Teambuilding

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Crazy as it sounds... these Robots will be a hit!

(Games for the Offsite, Customer Conference, Teambuilding, etc.)

If your group loves building things, (like, uh, technology!)

nothing's better than




An exciting, fun and creative hands-on activity.  We customize the game experience for you according to your goals.

Team Games:

(Approximately two to four hours game time)

You've heard of the Scrum Game, or the Kanban Game?  These are designed to be done during an Agile training session to help drive home the concepts in class.  These are made so much better with ROBOTS! 

Depending on the game, you will reinforce the concepts present in your training, or we can create a training with you.  Agile and Lean thinking principles, as well as good old basic team building is accomplished in a fun and unique way.

Collaborative/Competitive Games:

(Approximately one to two hours game time)

Sumo Bots, Shooting Gallery, NXT Racers and ArtBots are a few examples of projects your teams can build, collaborating and competing with each other.  These Robots have an easy learning curve so they quickly unleash vast possibilities.  The result:  your teams enjoy opening new areas of creativity together.    Unlock your inner geek child and have some fun! 

Fundraisers and Special Events:

Run as a stand-alone event, or include any of the above games as challenge at your next fundraiser or carnival.  Works great for all age levels, so you can do grown-up games, or include the kids -- it makes a great parent-child activity (great PR for tech companies! 

We'll also happily partner with your company and a non-profit of your choice


We bring everything to your site: NXT robots, Lego pieces and parts, PCs and a skilled facilitator/trainer with helpers as needed.  Curriculum and written material if also provided if appropriate. 


These are customized so the costs vary, but generally mirror the costs of quality professional training sessions.  Please call and we can work out the details!


Contact Barbara Tusia directly at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  or (512) 577.6235

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