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FLL Parents and Coaches Training

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FIRST LEGO League (FLL) Parents and Coaches Workshops

... or as we like to call it, YOUR excuse to play with cool LEGO Mindstorm Robots and Legos!


You have always said you wanted to encourage your son or daughter towards science and engineering and math... well here is your chance to do just that! In this workshop you will learn enough technology tips to help you know what to do.  You will learn enough group and team management skills to know how to direct them where appropriate.  You will also learn what to expect at the FLL competitions. Finally, you will learn how to help your team present themselves well and build their confidence and excitement!

There will be some hands-on computer programming in this parent camp using the Lego Mindstorms and software.  All equipment is provided.  We want YOU involved, so we try to make this an affordable and fun experience for you.  Please contact us if interested in one of our public workshops, or in a customized offering just for a parents' or community group.

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